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Securitybricks, Inc. is an avid supporter for military veterans and is dedicated to assisting service men and women as they transition from active duty to the civilian workforce through the DoD SkillBridge program. Our commitment lies in helping these individuals successfully integrate into civilian life and find meaningful employment opportunities.

By partnering with the DoD SkillBridge program and working closely with military transition programs, Securitybricks, Inc. aims to bridge the gap between military service and civilian employment, ensuring that our veterans have a smooth transition and can thrive in their new professional endeavors. Our mission is centered on empowering veterans with essential tools and opportunities to excel within the civilian workforce.

Success Stories


My transition from the military to cybersecurity has been amazing. As exciting as it was to be apart of the military, I knew I wanted to go into cybersecurity and go more into that field. [Through SkillBridge] This company has not only helped me to gain experience, but has opened doors to new opportunities.


When I left the military, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was a Human Intelligence Linguist, so many of my skills are mainly interpersonal. Their supportive stance on helping veterans transition, allowed me to move into a career field that I really fell in love with.

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We provide training and work opportunity for U.S. veterans to step into the cybersecurity consulting space. 

More than half of Securitybricks’ security consultants are military veterans. A third of those consultants tried themselves in a cyber security for the first time with us. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with these men and women and we are actively looking to expand the support made available to them.

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