All DoD contractors and subcontractors, i.e. service providers, bidding on future contracts or renewing existing contracts will be required to obtain a CMMC certification prior to contract award. Contractors will require either a Level 1 attestation with requirement for self-assessment or Level 2 or Level 3 attestation with requirement for assessment by a C3PAO. The DoD contract will specify which level of compliance the contractor needs to meet.

CMMC accelerators

The CMMC solution has two accelerators. One is built on the VRM module and the second one is built on the IRM platform.  The accelerator will help Defense Industrial Base subcontractors meet DoD cyber requirements.

Key features include:

• FedRAMP 800-71 content with authority documents and citations

• Automated assessments with scoring for CMMC Tier 1 and Tier 2 assessments

• Assist with DFARS 7012 assessments

• Automate Vendor assessments required for CMMC

Recent Webinar

Explore CMMC: Automation of NIST 800–171 Assessments and Vendor Questionnaires Using Servicenow

  • Explore how the CMMC impacts contractual flow down of information working with contractors and subcontractors.
  • Examine how vendor risk managers can easily assign a NIST 800-171 questionnaire to all in-scope vendors, monitor their responses and track progress towards compliance.
  • Discuss Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) scores.
  • And more…

The Optimal Path

We help implement relevant controls along with documented process based on content from Securitybricks library.

Streamed-lined Guidance

Our experts are U.S. Citizens with security clearance and domain expertise to design, implement and manage the control families.

Faster Time to Market

Our document templates and preconfigured cloud controls accelerate deployment of FedRAMP and CMMC controls within AWS, Azure and GCP.

Continuous Compliance

Our automated platform ensures the continuous validation of controls to meet FedRAMP and CMMC requirements with required reporting.

Additional Resources

Explore these resources to gain an in-depth understanding of FedRAMP’s compliance standards and streamline your approach to securing federal information systems.

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