ServiceNow Accelerators

Since 2020, Securitybricks has been working with ServiceNow as a GRC Subject matter expert in designing new features. 

An accelerator enables automation of compliance controls with the ability to implement continuous monitoring.  The accelerator runs on the GRC platform with ability to use data from ServiceNow platform.

The solution will include:

  • Import compliance content into the GRC instance
  • Validate data fields in the instance that are needed for the accelerator
  • Identify additional data that can help create new indicators

Securitybricks is also a ServiceNow Build partner and has launched multiple accelerators to automate continuous monitoring.

This solution is built on the ServiceNow platform to automate the entire FedRAMP ATO process.  This accelerator is targeted to CSPs (Cloud Service providers) who are looking to do business with 400+ US Federal agencies.

Key features include:

  • FedRAMP 800-53 content with authority documents and citations
  • Automated workflow process for readiness assessment, and ATO assessment
  • Connectivity to AWS and Azure for workload information boundary definition, vulnerability, and cloud configuration information
  • SSP and related artifacts

The CMMC solution has two accelerators. One is built on the VRM module and the second one is built on the IRM platform.  The accelerator will help Defense Industrial Base subcontractors meet DoD cyber requirements.

Key features include:

  • FedRAMP 800-71 content with authority documents and citations
  • Automated assessments with scoring for CMMC Tier 1 and Tier 2 assessments
  • Assist with DFARS 7012 assessments
  • Automate Vendor assessments required for CMMC

The Cybersecurity Controls Accelerator ™ enables users to easily adopt the CIS Controls from The Center for internet Security ™ to enhance their overall security preparedness and cyber-defense posture.

The Technology Controls Monitoring Accelerator is a collection of pre-defined indicator templates designed to ease collection of data, and aid validation and continuous monitoring of technology controls. This application can be run with the Cybersecurity Controls Accelerator as a standalone application.